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Mark and the foundation was "paying it forward" by assisting our family with a donation. The donation from Battle at the Bay was extremely helpful.  More than that Mark Porter has given spiritual and emotional support beyond measure.  Mark has become part of our family and Battle at the Bay and its supporters our extended family.​

Boston, MA

To APT Fighting Chance Foundation

Thank you so much for generously helping us to provide presents to our little sisters and their families for the holidays. Because of your efforts, we could serve additional families in the program and they were so appreciative. I had the pleasure of delivering to some families and they were so thrilled. Thanks so much.

Boston, MA

My family and I had a disastrous toilet flood just six months after finding out about my diagnosis which forced us to move out of our house unexpectedly for an extended period time. APT Fighting Chance Foundation reached out to us and assisted us prior to receiving any insurance money during a time of uncertainty. It's a great feeling to know that people are always looking out for each other and that APT Fighting Chance Foundation assisted with some of the everyday hurdles while battling this terrible disease.​

Boston, MA

My son Christian Lopez was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in March 2015.  During the difficult time of Chris' battle; Mark Porter and APT Fighting Chance Foundation came into our lives.ease.

Boston, MA

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