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The Battle At The Bay

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2018 Battle at the Bay. This is our seventh event, and it has continued to grow every year, enabling us to help more people in their battle with cancer. To date, we have been privileged to make donations to over 300 people, assisting with the expenses incurred while going through treatments for this disease that has effected us all in some way. We will continue to work for this important cause and welcome you to help us in winning the war against cancer.


As the interest in participating in the Battle at the Bay has far exceeded the available openings on our annual boxing event, we ask that our participants obligate to a few basic requirements. We ask that everyone boxing on our show sell a minimum of 40 tickets. Tickets will be delivered to the participants in a timely fashion and we require the ticket money to be turned in no later than 10 days prior to the event. We understand that often people do not buy tickets to events until the last moment, but due to past experience with tickets being returned unsold after the event has occurred, we must remain solid on this requirement.

Training will be every Tuesday and Thursday night at 7.15pm sharp at Corebox Training Center, 11 Randolph Rd, Randolph, MA 02368.


Sponsorship packages will also be available. Sponsorship revenue will far exceed the revenue from ticket sales, so please do not neglect reaching out to sponsors. Cancer has effected almost everyone in some way, their friends or family, and most people with means to help are more than willing to do so. We are equally honored to have a donation of a dollar or a thousand dollars, we understand that people help within their means.


A basic physical is required to participate. Boxing is the epitome of a contact sport and we place safety as our first priority. A very basic physical within a month of the event is a most reasonable request, and fills the needs of the Massachusetts State Athletic Commission to allow this event to take place. We have in the past had a volunteer nurse practitioner conduct physicals at the gym for those who were unable to see their own doctor. If an exam is not submitted 2 weeks prior to the event, you may not participate. This is not only our policy but the policy of the State Commission.


Please read the specifics and sign, agreeing to the requirements. Thank you for your caring, generosity, and help in our worthy battle!

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5K Annual Charity Run

The APT Fighting Chance Foundation will hold it's annual 5k run for charity again in 2018. Our previous run in September 2017 was a massive success and we would like to thank all in involved. Watch this space for information about our next run.

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Our Marathon Runners

In 2017, our very own Mark Porter, Sean Campbell, and Matthew Cutliffe ran the Boston Marathon to raise money for cancer.  


Matthew decided to get involved and run his first Marathon with APT Fighting Chance Foundation to raise money for cancer. His father got cancer last year back at home and it had a huge effect on his life. Throughout his father’s sickness, Matthew had promised himself that he would do something for cancer awareness if it all worked out ok. Thankfully it did and his father watched Matthew run the marathon last year with his mother and his daughter Amy. Matthew will also be running The 2018 Boston Marathon with Michael Moriarty.


This upcoming April 16, 2018, marks Michael's first Boston Marathon. Michael first began running in 2016, and if you were to ask him back then, he could never imagine that he would be able to run 26.2 miles. When he met Mark Porter through a mutual friend, he told Michael about his foundation. APT Fighting Chance Foundation, a non-profit organization, assists regular people every day who are battling cancer by helping pay monthly utility and mortgage bills, helping at the holidays and many other facets. Mark told Michael various stories about people that this charity has helped. Michael thought, if these people can smile through their toughest times, he can brave the Boston winter and run a few miles.


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